Established in April 2020, our goal at the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA) is to accelerate sustainable and inclusive economic growth and development by providing the framework that enables the full commercialisation of the huge reservoir of agricultural resources and realisation of the agribusiness potential of Oyo State.

OYSADA aims to advance a new agribusiness development paradigm far removed from subsistence agriculture and hinged on mutually rewarding partnerships with development and private sector actors in order to make Oyo State a competitive global producer of high-quality agricultural products that meet international standards and an international hub for processing, packaging and marketing of agricultural products.

Through a cohort of interlinked agribusiness-focused programmes, OYSADA will enhance productivity, upgrade value chains, exploit demand, strengthen technology, promote innovative sources of financing, stimulate private sector participation, and improve infrastructure in rural areas.

We will ensure the sustainability of Oyo State’s food system by attracting youth to and retaining them in the agriculture sector, improve livelihoods of smallholders through agro-processing and value-addition downstream of farms, in the provision of farm inputs upstream, and in improved post-harvest operations, storage, distribution and logistics that are essential elements of agribusiness value chains.

Our objective is to facilitate economic growth as well as the structural transformation of the economy of Oyo State and the improvement of technical skills and capacity of Oyo citizens.

Our Vision

Turning Oyo State to a modern Agribusiness Hub.


Our Mission

To develop the strategy, coordinate, and Implement Agribusiness Investments and projects in the State through public, private and development partnerships.

Our Mandate

To facilitate the private sector investment in the agricultural sector.


Our Core Values

Commitment, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Accountability



Create technology and social innovation hubs grown through digital agriculture for support of modern precision agriculture.

Create cohesive satellites of private sector-driven Agribusiness Industrial Estates in the State to support the growth of agribusiness in each region of the State focusing on their areas of comparative advantages.

Support the economic growth of the State and contribute significantly to the internally generated revenue drive of the Oyo State

Enhance capacity building and the development of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises among young leaders and particularly amongst women while strengthening employment statistics in the agro-based economy of the State.