Invest in Agriculture

Invest in Agriculture

The agricultural sector has several untapped potential for growth and development in terms of availability of land, water, labour and the State’s large population which favours internal and external markets. The structure of the Agricultural sector cut across crops production, livestock, fishery and forestry. However, certain set of constraints have limited the performance of the agricultural sector.

Some of the constraints include weak agronomic practices, inadequate rural infrastructures, weak agricultural extension services, inadequate access to credit facilities, and post-harvest maintenance operations among others.

In order to address these constraints, intervention of the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde is focusing on the agribusiness framework as the major policy thrust that will revive the agricultural sector.

This will be achieved in the context of public-private and development partnership (PPDP).

The agribusiness framework encompasses farming and farming-related commercial activities. It is expected to improve agricultural productivity, increase value addition, create jobs, improve standards, reduce farm gate losses, and help alleviate poverty.

Take advantage of the Oyo State Agribusiness initiative by investing in agriculture.