What We Do

What We Do

Our approach is through the engagement of public-private development partnerships to shape inclusive food systems and initiate innovative solutions that offer opportunities for wealth creation across the agricultural value chain, job creation,improved capacity, sustainability and long-term impact.

By incorporating unconventional approach into our programmes, we help to build and strengthen market-based agriculture systems by harnessing expertise and capital resources, developing capacity of small and medium enterprises and building the entrepreneurial skillsets of the youth in the communities.

Our services include

• Rural Economy Development
• Agribusiness Partnerships Development and Coordination
• Knowledge and Information Services
• Innovation Development and Scaling
• Agribusiness Policy Development and Management
• New Agribusiness Development and Management
• Agribusiness International Development Coordination
• Agribusiness Investment Drive

OYSADA’s Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

The holistic promotion of agribusiness by OYSADA contributes directly to several SDGs.