Oyo State Agribusiness Policy and Governance Programme

OYSADA-Oyo State Agribusiness Policy and Governance Programme

Government policy and agricultural productivity are inextricably linked and the principal role of the government is to provide the conditions, that is to say, an enabling environment, for a largely self-sustaining and private-sector-led development of the agribusiness sector.

Through this Programme, OYSADA will ensure political support for initiatives that have the potential to enhance productivity and efficiency in the sector and also facilitate favourable fiscal policies that eliminate the most damaging forms of market constraints for investors.

Since many of the activities to promote and develop the agricultural sector will take place in the private sector, the Oyo State Agribusiness Private Sector group (OSAPSG) will help coordinate the activities of private sector actors, provide appropriate information and training, facilitate networking activities and provide useful feedback on policies.

The Oyo State Agriculture Donor Coordinating Group (OSDCG) will support the activities of our development partners, provide technical support, evaluate the impact of donor interventions and ensure accountability of development donor actors.

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This coordinates all the agribusiness development funded project in the state and support international fund and technical resource mobilization.

The Oyo Agribusiness summit is aimed at bringing together key actors in agribusiness space globally, showcase the potentials for agribusiness investments by the private sector in the state, offers prospective investors and stakeholders a platform to better understand the investment opportunities within the Oyo State Agribusiness and Identify areas for coordinated public-private investment in the value chain development in the state.