Oyo State Agribusiness Park Programme

OYSADA- Oyo State Agribusiness Park Programme

Agro-industries provide the basis for creating wealth within local communities and help bring socio-economic development to rural people.

The high cost of modern technologies, equipment and absence of infrastructure makes it difficult for most smallholders and micro-processors to create commercial and efficiently run agrifood systems that are responsive to evolving market demands.

The Oyo State Agribusiness Park Programme will establish an “Agribusiness Park” in all 33 LGAs of Oyo State as a means of meeting this challenge. This in turn will enhance the productivity of the production-processing chain and provide the catalyst that will enable small-scale processors grow and compete globally.

The Parks will ensure the conservation of sufficient quantities of raw materials by reducing post-harvest losses by up to 80%, improve the efficiency of postharvest handling, and boost processing and market access for rural populations.

This private-sector managed initiative will provide linkages, training and access to technical information for micro-enterprises such that profitable agro-industries emerge and expand to respond efficiently to market demands.

The transformational impact on rural economies will lead to the creation of 55,000 jobs for rural populations in farm- and non-farm activities such as handling, packaging, processing, transporting, and marketing of food and agricultural produce.

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