Oyo State Regional Agribusiness Development Programme

OYSADA-Oyo State Regional Agribusiness Development Programme

To make agriculture competitive and profitable, there is an urgent need to step up investment, both public and private, in agro-technology development and the creation of new/modernisation of existing agri-business infrastructure.

OYSADA, will, following a Public-Private and Development Partnership (PPDP) model address the gap in the linkage between agriculture and the industrial sector by developing infrastructure that enhances the commercialisation of agricultural output in Oyo State.

We will transform existing underutilised farm settlements into Nine (9) Farm Estates spread across the state, eliminating the biggest infrastructure challenges for private agribusiness concerns including electricity, low levels of technology, high production and raw material costs, faulty distribution and marketing.

The Estates will link input suppliers, agro-processors, traders, exporters and retailers and facilitate the financing, handling, processing, storage, transportation, marketing and distribution of agro-industry products.

In addition, for regions not served by the Farm Estates, OYSADA will establish Satellite Farm Settlements that replicate the facilities of the Estates to serve existing agribusiness concerns.

Through this Programme, OYSADA will drive industralisation across the State, eliminate persistent gender biases in access to productive resources and increase agro-industrial value added and employment along the entire agribusiness value chain in agriculture, industry and services.

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The SWEAN project aims to expand skills development of women agribusiness entrepreneurs in Nigeria, eliminate persistent gender biases in access to productive resources to create commercial and efficiently run Agrifood systems that are responsive to evolving market demands.

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