Oyo State Sustainable Rural Cities Development Programme

Oyo State Sustainable Rural Cities Development Programme

Infrastructure is undoubtedly linked to agriculture and rural development. These gaps can increase the transaction costs associated with investing in agriculture.

With agriculture accounting for over 24 percent of Oyo State’s GDP and as much as 70% of the workforce, it is likely to drive the State’s economic growth for years to come. Smallholder farmers, a large proportion of whom live and work in rural towns will be the backbone of that effort.

To ensure sustainable and inclusive growth and development in Oyo State, and the success of the many small agribusinesses in rural areas, OYSADA will drive the development and maintenance of an efficient, reliable rural infrastructure system that improves linkages between farm-level production and downstream activities, such as processing and marketing.

Investing in infrastructure that facilitate flows of goods, information and money for rural populations will provide successful examples of agribusinesses and viable livelihoods for all future generations thereby, eliminating urban migration.

The transformation and regeneration of rural communities will reduce the cost of inputs, raise the value of crops, and increase access to markets. This will provide lucrative opportunities not just for the women and men who grow the food, but for a wide range of rural workers, especially the emerging generation of young people.

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