Youth Entrepreneurship In Seed Production (Maize & Cassava)

The Youth Entrepreneurship in Seed Production aims to leverage the Oyo State Agribusiness Incubation Parks to provide the technical knowledge, entrepreneurial training and business skills required for budding maize and cassava farmers in Oyo State to exploit emerging opportunities in the $47 billion global seed business.

The project will incubate 1,500 young adults between the ages of 25-35 who will leverage the park facilities for a period of one year to acquire the required know-how in seed production in the maize and cassava value chains. The Pilot phase of this project will kick start with the incubation of the 140 youths.

The long term impacts of this project include:

  • Increased participation by youth in the agriculture value chain in Oyo State to facilitate food and nutrition security now and in the future
  • Job creation and reduced youth unemployment
  • Increase Oyo State’s share of global $47bn seed market and improve Internally Generated Revenue in Oyo state
  • Increased availability of and access to quality affordable seed for smallholder farmers which will improve crop productivity and profitability
  • Establishment of state-wide seed production enterprises



Maize Seed Production

  • 100 youths directly incubated in maize seed production
  • Projected production of approximately 1500mt certified maize seed ready for 7,500 hectares next season
  • Generation of revenue up to N16,000,000 gross margin from sales of seed
  • Trained Youth to become trainers of other youths in the maize value chain.

Cassava Seed Production

  • 40 youth directly incubated in stem multiplication
  • Projected production of approximately 1,000mt roots/tubers and 24,000 bundles of cassava Stem ready for 400 hectares next season
  • Generation of revenue up to N85,000,000 gross margin from sales of cassava roots/tuber and stems after the production cycle
  • Trained Youth becomes trainers of other youths in the cassava value chain.

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